Friday, July 28, 2006

So close....

I graduate in 1 week! Yay!

Also, I've been following this in the news and a federal judge has stopped the Miami-Dade school district's removal of all copies of Alta Schreier's Vamos a Cuba, (the English edition is called Visit to Cuba) and all other books in Heinemann's Visit to . . . series from the district's school libraries. So there are still a few voices of reason out there. You can read the judges'opinion, here as a pdf file. There's a really good discussion about this on the editor of the Horn Book, Roger Sutton's blog.

So the books are apparently pretty poor quality, which makes the story more interesting because the decerning librarian would probably weed the book out anyway.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wedding vows....

Ok, it's a well known fact I spend a lot of time looking at wedding junk. I admit it. It's mindless and fun. But what is with these women who want to have readings that are clearly about sex during their wedding ceremony? I mean your grandmother is going to be there! So here's a poem someone posted that will be used in their ceremony:


That we can hurt each other deepest and still
To know it always had to be you and me.
Sometimes then, the upturned coin of bliss.

A sudden barb, an answer a shade too curt,
Love’s dagger has probed a delicate zone,
Double-edged knife that cuts both ways.

Again we whisper our unbidden covenant:
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.
And how dewed membranes glint and shine!

One breath, one pulse, one skin, one delirium,
Rhythm and dazzle of a body’s oil and shine.
All fancy and fun, all on song and consonant.

So willingly those rare moments out of phase
When an intimate rapier stabs too near the bone,
A dissonant night numb in a womb of hurt.

Some do it with a sword, others with a kiss.
Only in our unbroken promises are we free.
You are mine. Do with me what you will

dewed membranes glint and shine? intimate rapier? EWWWWWWWW!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I miss Scotland now

Last night Erin, Jeff, Josh and I went to the Belle and Sebastian show at Merriweather Post. The show was awesome. I heart Belle and Seabastian. Stuart Murdoch said he was sad because he was going to miss chruch and seemed surprised to find that most of the kids in the audience were in highschool (yeah that made me feel old). Much fun was had by all (well I'm not sure it was Jeff's cup of tea but everyone else was happy).